What causes teeth could be yellow?

This is home teeth whitening tips that tiptricks.net will explain this time comes from several sources and from my personal experience . Yellow teeth are often cause of someone insecure and hard to get along , in addition to the yellow teeth also indicates that the teeth is unhealthy and can damage the health of other parts of the body such as the mouth and gums . Thus ( sorry ) if you are one of the many people who experience health problems on your teeth must read this article to complete.

How to make yout teeth whiter following gear is actually no need to do if you are diligent in cleaning and caring for your teeth . But for those of you who already have yellow teeth , you should also be consider some of the following hometeeth whitening tips:

What causes teeth could be yellow?

Before we discuss how to whiten yellow teeth , first we need to know what can cause our teeth yellow / unhealthy , including :

home teeth whitening tips

  1. Lazy brushing teeth brushing teeth or you do not really
  2. It turns out that drinking too much coffee and herbal teas can also cause teeth to become yellow
  3. For those of you especially smokers are nicotine effects make teeth become yellow
  4. The use of eye drops in excess
  5. Frequent consumption of supplement drinks or energy drinks
  6. Wearing a tooth whitener that does not fit , etc.

If your teeth are yellow , meaning you often do bad habits , as already mentioned above . Well , now let us consider these tips to whiten your teeth color back .

Caring for your teeth is not only can be done in a way like brushing your teeth with toothpaste that is branded , but we also have to be able to avoid the bad habits that can cause your teeth to yellow . In addition you can also do home teeth whitening tips following :

1 . Whiten teeth with Siwak Wear

Taking care of your teeth can also be done using Siwak or miswak is tree branches or roots that can be used to clean the teeth , gums and mouth . This method has been done since time immemorial Muslims to maintain dental hygiene and strength . All the branches or roots of trees can be used for cleansing his teeth, if that is gentle and eligible to be kept clean .

2 . Whiten Teeth by Using Wood Charcoal

The next teeth whitening tip is to use wood charcoal . Strange indeed , whiten teeth with objects that are clearly black . This method is indeed a traditional but the best way to eliminate the yellow color . But you also have to be careful when you will use the charcoal of wood , excessive use can damage tooth enamel and cause pain in the teeth . So just do naturally .

3 . Whiten teeth with Orange Peel

Who would have thought , which we used orange peel waste was also beneficial for granted . Orange peel can be used to treat tooth . To get the best used orange peel inner. These suggestions if done routinely and regularly will make a brilliant white teeth yellow, quickly and naturally. Vitamin C present in orange peel is not good for sensitive teeth, so you have to be careful.

4 . Whiten Teeth with Strawberries

In addition to good to eat , strawberries are also believed to whiten teeth naturally . Consuming fruits and vegetables such as strawberries , apples , carrots , and celery are also useful as a natural tooth whitener . You do not need to make a special potion , staying consumed as usual , and your teeth will look healthy and white . Here is the fourth of home teeth whitening tips.

5 . Whiten Teeth with Natural Toothpaste

To make traditional toothpaste we first provide bay leaves and orange peels and then dry in the sun to dry both . Puree two materials with given sufficient water and stir until a paste. This natural toothpaste if used regularly will make your teeth whiter.

6 . Whiten Teeth with Lemon and Salt

Number six of home teeth whitening tips is makes toothpaste made ​​from natural ingredients , from lemon juice plus a pinch of salt . Natural toothpaste which one is believed to help whiten your teeth . But remember not too often , because salt could damaged tooth enamel .

7 . Whiten teeth with baking soda

The next home teeth whitening tips is to use baking soda . Baking soda is able to remove stains that exist on the teeth , but if it is too often used baking soda it will damage the natural layer of the tooth therefore use baking soda to whiten teeth up to 1 or 2 times a month . Whiten teeth with the way this one is easy . You only need to apply baking soda to the entire surface of the tooth and let sit for about 10 minutes . After that brush your teeth with toothpaste to clean.

8 . Whiten teeth by quitting smoking

You should know that the name cigarettes contain a mixture of tar and tobacco. If you really want to whiten your teeth then you should stop smoking from now on . In addition home teeth whitening tips, it also can make your life healthier .

9 . Whiten teeth using betel nuts

Betel nuts is beneficial to take care of our teeth . According to a history of betel nuts is believed to cleanse and make more brilliant white teeth can make teeth stronger. Here’s a very practical way to take advantage of betel nuts. First, betel nuts burned until cooked / burnt then mashed until completely smooth. Then take a cotton cloth or fiber nut to be rubbed into the teeth along with betel nuts that have been refined.Do this home teeth whitening tips regularly every 2 weeks.

10 . Whiten teeth by consuming dairy products

You know , some dairy products sold in the market such as cheese or other foods ( yogurt) containing high calcium very well be taken to help whiten and strengthen teeth . So multiply the consumption of foods containing high calcium , especially milk .

11 . The last of whitening tips is by brushing your teeth regularly

The last tips is , youcan try to brush your teeth 3 times a day, or at least 2x a day in the morning , day and at night before you go to bed , and do not forget to choose a toothbrush that is not harmful to your gums . Brushing takes over 3 minutes . Brushing teeth is also no need to hard – hard because it can damage your gums . Perform these good habits on a regular basis so that your dental health is maintained.

How easy is not it ? Of the 11 tips that I have mentioned above , I’d recommend you to perform troubleshooting to 1-10 . Due tips using natural ingredients . Some argue everything natural is safe. You need to know also , be careful choosing toothpaste , because based on the info I’ve read , no one toothpaste products that contain detergents and of course hazardous to health .

Thus 11 Home Teeth Whitening Tips to make whiten teeth naturally and caring , fast and easy . Do a good lifestyle habits and healthy because then your health will remain intact , including dental health . Hopefully these tips can benefit you in particular who read this article . We are sorry if there are still many shortcomings in terms of delivery.