The battle with cancer

After a two year battle with ovarian cancer Polly passed away on May 14, 2010. During this two year period she worked hard to keep a positive attitude despite a grueling treatment schedule that often included chemotherapy three of every four weeks. During her struggle she never lost hope in her situation.
All the while Polly’s greatest concerns were for her family. She never stopped reminding her family that no matter what the outcome was, we were all to continue working towards our goals in life. Polly worked hard to keep everyone on track and working towards those goals no matter how difficult it may have been for her.

Ovarian cancer changes the lives of the patient as well as their family and friends. The battle with cancer is a constant reminder of how fragile life is.
Many of those affected by cancer can’t help but wonder how this happened and more importantly why.

Patients fight hard to keep a positive attitude but the fight proves difficult when there are few to turn to that really understand the disease. For some women the biggest challenge is finding a doctor willing to really listen to what they have to say about what their body is telling them. The hurt and pain involved with ovarian cancer is as real as it gets.
While many of us may not be able to understand entirely, it is important for us to offer a kind word, a gentle touch, unquestioning love, and honest compassion towards those personally involved in the struggle.

In honor of Polly’s courageous fight against ovarian cancer please join us for a 5k walk, jog, or run. All proceeds will be donated to the Karmanos Cancer Institute in memory of Polly Osborne care of the Gail Purtan Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The event will take place at the Maybury State Park in Northville, Michigan on September 25, 2016. Check in and on-site registration begins at 9:00AM the day of the event. The 5k walk, jog, or run will begin at 10:00AM with refreshments to follow at the pavilion.