A deep fried steak

I have used my contact grill for almost two years now and am happy with the outcome. I use it to grill all my foods from my panini press to my mouth watering barbecue. I love enjoying a nice barbecue with my friends and family during the weekends, so an outdoor barbecue is perfect for us. However, during winter, we cannot do an outdoor barbecue, and that is where our contact grill saves our barbecue weekends. With my contact grill, I can still grill my steak in a faster way, at the convenience of my kitchen.

great steak
Our indoor barbecues with friends and family are now more exciting

An advantage of a contact grill is that it is faster. It cooks my steaks much faster than the normal grills. You don’t have to wait to cook one side then flip over the steak then wait again for the other side to cook. Once I place my steak on the contact grill, I press the grill together, and my steak cooks on both sides at the same time. Its heated dual surfaces save me a lot of time.

Before I got my contact grill, I would deep fry my steak during winter when doing an outdoor barbecue was impossible. Deep frying foods is quite an unhealthy practice compared to grilling foods. A deep fried steak will have extra fat in it and additional calories which can cause obesity and other health complications. However, grilled steak is low in calories, as the heat on the grill seeps off the excess fat on the steak with no extra oil to cook it.

My contact grill is portable making it easy to carry it around even to our friends’ house during our barbecue weekends. It is very convenient for me. My wife even prepares Panini for our family using our contact grill. She prepares the dough herself, and when the bread is ready, she adds the fillings and then places the Panini on the contact grill. The Panini bread gets grilled very fast.

When buying the contact grill, my wife advised me to get one that had adjustable floating hinges that could easily be adjusted to cover the thickness of the grilled food. Now we can grill a thick steak without worrying about it being undercooked.

One with a large grilling surface will be more convenient. You will be able to grill a lot of food at a go. A contact grill with an adjustable thermostat is also the best as you will adjust the grill’s heat to the desired temperature.

However, when storing the contact grill, you have to oil the grill’s clean surface with cooking oil. This prevents rusting. When grilling any food with the contact grill, avoid opening and closing of the grill as this reduces the heat in the grill, increasing the time to cook.

Our indoor barbecues with friends and family are now more exciting, as our steak is now moister and juicier thanks to our contact grill; that cooks while retaining the steak’s juices. I am happy about my contact grill.